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Transd[e]uce is written and managed by Rich Potter, a filmmaker and PhD candidate in the Institute of Communications Research (ICR) at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign).

My research interests include participatory and community media, communications policy in Latin America, deliberative democracy, public sphere theory, and online video.

My dissertation examines the role of participatory media in Latin American socialism. My historical analysis of socialist communication policies in Cuba, Chile, and Nicaragua reveals a historical shift in emphasis from Leninist vanguardism to Gramscian hegemony that coincides with a changing relationship between the state and civil society. Whereas the socialist state was formerly conceived as a “dictatorship of the proletariat” that would guide (if not entirely subsume) civil society, it has more recently been considered as a mechanism for facilitating an autonomous civil society that will guide the state. The tension between these theoretical conceptions is evident in the recent history of community media in Venezuela, where I conducted my field research.

Though still weak, vulnerable, and compromised, Venezuela’s community media system offers important lessons for envisioning the structuration of an autonomous, non-commercial media sector. I draw on these lessons in order to propose a democratic model of community knowledge creation based on a modular, interpenetrated, and dialectic public sphere theory. The goal is to articulate a scalable and entrepreneurial system for planning and operating participatory media organizations.

Transd[e]uce provides a space for me to work through ideas and participate in communities of scholarship, practice, and activism.

I was unaware of Pablo Gee’s contribution to the Urban Dictionary when I chose this blog’s title, but I do appreciate the humor.

Unless otherwise indicated, the content and views expressed on this blog are my own and do not represent any organization or institution. Transd[e]uce has no sponsors.  Any ads displayed on this blog have been place by according to it’s advertising policy.


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